Wei (Wayne) Zhang

I am a Research Director at SenseTime Group Limited Hong Kong (HK). I also serve as an EXCO member of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist Group of Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS).

Before I was a quantitative trader, developing market-making strategies with the knowledge of machine learning and market microstructure.

I was a participant on the predictive modelling competition platform Kaggle. My highest Kaggle ranking was 6th.

I obtained the PhD degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the BEng degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing. I spent a year as a research intern at Microsoft Research Asia.

I published 19 papers on top journals such as TPAMI, TMM, TKDE and conferences such as CVPR, IJCAI, MM. I am also a reviewer of a few journals, including IJCV, TPAMI, TIP, TNNLS and TIFS.


We have openings for research interns in the field of scalable deep learning, video understanding and reinforcement learning. Please contact me via email with keywords such as "sensetime internship" or "商汤实习" in the title.

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