Text Understanding in Visual Data

Text recognition (traditionally called OCR) is crucial for visual understanding and reasoning in many application scenarios.

We focus on Arbitrary-Shaped Text detection and Recognition and related Natual Language Processing tasks for understanding these text.

MMOCR: A comprehensive toolbox for text detection, recognition and understanding, openmmlab, ocr 

Text Detection

Speeding up scene text detection, Guided CNN, Fast Scene Text Detector, sensetime, ocr 
  • X. Yue, Z. Kuang, Z. Zhang, Z. Chen, P. He, Y. Qiao and W. Zhang.
    Boosting up scene text detectors with guided CNN.
    British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2018. (Oral presentation, acceptance rate: 6.5%) [paper]

    A general framework for speeding up scene text detection. Demonstrated performance on two state-of-the-art methods, CTPN and EAST.

Geometry normalization networks for accurate scene text detection, rotated detection, oriented detection, sensetime, ocr 
Fourier contour embedding for arbitrary-shaped text detection, sensetime, ocr 

Text Recognition

ICDAR2019-ArT Arbitrary-Shaped Scene text recognition, sensetime, ocr 
RobustScanner: Dynamically enhancing positional clues for robust text recognition, sensetime, ocr 

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